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Senior Account Director

NYC Global Marketing Agency


What will be the most watched sporting event in the world this summer? No, it will not be the FIFA World Cup, which is expected to garner around 3 to 3.5 billion viewers. It’s eSports. The most popular games have billions of monthly views, and the most popular players have hundreds of thousands of fans.


Our client is one of the world’s premier agencies, and they are attacking the eSports marketing “MOBA” - multiplayer online battle arena. They’re looking for a seasoned Account Director to lead a stack of account executives covering global brands and drive eSports consumer engagement. The ideal candidate will be the firm’s subject matter expert for eSports, while connecting the dots to all the other potential partnerships they are driving.


If you are well versed in heading up teams and strategies for marketing eleagues, and working with the global brands both within and outside of the eSports world, you’ll be dealing Burst Damage to the industry in no time.

Thanks for your application. If we think you're a fit, we'll be in touch!

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